She is the best.

Sierra Luckey is the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. She is fully committed to her clients, and she gets her cases handled in a timely manner. Not to mention she keeps her clients up to speed with any and everything pertaining to your case. She helped me expunged a felony, and a few other small charges. Now I can successfully say I have a career in the medical field, and loving it. I owe it all to attorney Luckey. She has made my life possible to receive new beginnings again. Thanks so much Sierra!

Jasmine 5.0 stars

Luckey line of Defense

Sierra is a dedicated attorney who looks out for her clients best interest. I got myself in a bind and Sierra helped me through navigate through a tricky situation. I would and have recommended her to my colleagues, friends and family.
Kelvin 5.0 stars

Honesty is her BEST Quality!!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sierra for a short period of time. I found her to be pleasant, understanding, professional and above all else, extremely honest in her approach in which she handled my case! You could pay any lawyer who would be more than happy taking your money and make an already difficult situation worse, with very little empathy for the client. But with Sierra, her candid recommendation led me to have a heightened level of respect for her. I would indeed recommend her services to anyone who’s looking for the rare quality of an honest attorney.

TANYA R. DAVIS 4.0 stars

Excellence in professional courtesy

Ms. Luckey’s professional demeanor was above reproach, however it does not outweigh her kindness and understanding regarding the service provided. Her knowledge of the laws in question was unsurpassable, with an unmatched ability to interpret said laws to the common public with a precise understanding. She exceeded any and all of the expectations to the highest level. With the services provided by Ms. Luckey the inquiring party was more than prepared to move forward with their issue(s). The party sends the highest level of recommendation for utilizing Ms. Luckey for her services. It would be extremely difficult to find a better counsel than her, especially one as committed to assisting you with your issue(s).

anonymous 5.0 stars

So Helpful

I was referred to her by another lawyer. From day one, she has been most helpful. She explained her services thoroughly. She was always there whenever we had a question with a speedy response. I would definitely send many more clients her way.

Kayla 5.0 stars

The Best of the Best…

Ms. Luckey IS what ALL lawyers should be…HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND JUST…I appreciate her and I will definitely recommend her services to ANYONE. Thanks again Ms. Luckey…

Charles 5.0 stars

Knowledgeable, attention to details and compassionate.

Ms. Luckey was assigned to my case, which was family matter involving me and my husband who was defending me from my son, a very delicate situation.
She kept me informed through every step for over a year. She was able to pick out details most attorneys would have over looked or been in too much of a rush to be concerned with.
She handled my case with the upmost care and concern and even picked up where my husbands attorney was slacking.
She was able to work with me and the state and get the best possible outcome without destroying my family anymore. I will recommend Ms. Luckey to everyone in need of a honest, caring hardworking attorney.
I’m so thankful for Sierra and blessed to have had her guide me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She’s not just my attorney she is a precious friend I made during the darkest time in my life.

Ellen 5.0 stars

Top-notch attorney — Honest, responsive, knowledgeable

Sierra Luckey is a terrific lawyer. I interviewed several attorneys for a misdemeanor criminal case with an extenuating situation. I considered hiring another attorney who was cheaper. However, when I met with Ms. Luckey, she was so thorough and professional. She was the only attorney that I met with who asked such detailed and specific questions regarding the case. She advised me exactly how she would proceed with the case, so that I felt comfortable with her plan and next steps. I went home and prayed on who to hire and decided to go with Ms. Luckey.

She followed each legal step exactly as she had informed me. In the course of my trial, she was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and detailed. She did not miss a step. Needless to say, I won my case with a “not guilty” verdict. Afterward, she even referred me to another attorney to deal with the harassment from my ex-husband.

I can not say how thankful I am to Ms. Luckey for her help. I had so much at stake with this case (custody of my daughter, and my reputation). I would highly advise anyone who is seeking a knowledgeable, honest, caring attorney to reach out to her, and please don’t be fooled by her youth. She may not be the cheapest, but she will definitely be the best!

Tammy 5.0 stars