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Probation Revocation

If you are on probation and your probation officer believes that you have violated the terms and conditions of your probation, then he/she will file a petition with the court seeking to revoke a portion or the remaining time you have left on probation.  Typically, once the petition is filed, the judge will sign a warrant for your arrest and once you are incarcerated on that warrant, a hearing will be scheduled.  If the judge does revoke your probation at the hearing then you will have to spend that time either in jail or prison.  Therefore, you want to make sure you have an experienced attorney to defend you in court.  To get started contact S. Luckey Law Office today by either calling 678-731-7100 or contact us online.

It is frightening to be faced with criminal charges. Prosecutors can be intimidating, and they have all the motivation and resources they need to build a case against you that could cause long-term damage to your freedom, your finances, and your personal and professional life.

However, you do not have to face this alone. You have the right to a defense, and to protect your future you need to build the strongest, smartest defense you can with the help of a skilled attorney.

At S. Luckey Law Office in Lawrenceville, Georgia, we help people with a variety of issues in criminal law, including:

  • Battery
  • DUI
  • CDL violations
  • Probation revocation hearings
  • Criminal appeals
  • Expungement/Record Restriction
  • Traffic violations

When we represent you in criminal defense, our goal is always to protect your freedom and your future.

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